Michelle Katz, Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist

Michelle Katz, also known as Micki Katz, crafts her songs out of simple stories woven together with pieces of Americana music, and words lined with life’s lessons.  Reviewed by one fan - “ Michelle Katz is an original voice and will easily take you on a nocturnal road-trip down the highways and byways of the heart and soul. 

Originally a solo songwriter, Katz recorded the Michelle Katz EP, which features the beautiful piano folk rock ballad “Drive Away”, a timeless story of leaving one place to go to somewhere unknown and feeling each precious moment of the journey as the land between California and the Midwest unfolds. 

Then, Katz joined forces with David Baldwin, and formed the rootsy Americana folk duo “Katz and David”, as described by one fan  - a rich tapestry of 70’s acoustic rock and a taste of Graham Parson’s non-pretentious country, acoustic rock delivered with raw and innocent sensitivity. 

Randy Ray Mitchell - session guitarist for “Can’t Go Back Now" describes Katz as a bard...a real poet-songsmith”. 

© Michelle Katz 2014